Virtual Open Day

On the 5th of May, the Virtual Open Day will take place. A unique opportunity to get to know our school wherever you are. Discover our facilities and book your appointment so you can learn about our educational project in detail. We look forward to seeing you!

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Infant Education

Through stimulation and communication, we help our students in the early stages of education to learn how to manage their emotions and build their self-esteem. An early education based on internationality and learning through play, music, sport and psychomotor skills.

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Agora Portals International School

Agora Portals International School

Agora Portals is a private international school located on the island of Majorca at Portals Nous in Calvià, and forms part of the highly-respected education group, Globeducate. Our mission is to provide our students with an outstanding academic education in conjunction with a strong ethical foundation, and our curriculum is designed to facilitate linguistic immersion, particularly in English and Spanish. Our senior students can study for both the Spanish National and the International Baccalaureates and we have a 100% pass rate for both the Spanish University Entrance Examinations and the IB Diploma. We offer full programmes in Music, Sports and the Arts and aim to equip each of our students with the academic and personal skills that they need to become confident and useful citizens of the world.

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Agora Portals International School – The School Site

Agora Portals International School is situated in a beautiful and environmentally significant coastal area. Being close to the sea and surrounded by nature, our students are lucky enough to be able to study in a calm, focused and positive working environment, with all the facilities and resources that they need to succeed at every stage of their education. We have an official Music Academy on site and excellent, purpose-built sporting facilities, including outdoor courts and pitches, a fully equipped indoor sports centre and indoor swimming pool. Our extensive facilities and the proximity of the sea make studying at Agora Portals International School a unique and fulfilling experience.

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Learning Mandarin Chinese

What if we told you that if your children learn Mandarin Chinese during their childhood, they will be more globalised citizens in the future? It is clear to all of us that the brain is much more malleable at the beginning of life than when we reach adulthood. In fact, the saying that children ‘absorb […]

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The value of effort

Without effort there are no results and in order to achieve goals, hard work, perseverance and tenacity are key. For this reason, at Agora Portals International School we emphasize the value of effort as an educational pillar. We want our students to achieve academic, professional and personal success, helping them to reach their goals in […]

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Travel the world without leaving school

It’s possible to travel without leaving school, and we don’t just mean to the dream destinations that you see in magazines and travel guides… from Agora Portals you can travel the world in other ways, and an international outlook is the best ticket. At Agora Portals International School, we prepare students for an international future […]

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Teachers: true ‘influencers’

Many of us are already familiar with some of the ‘influencers’ and ‘youtubers’ our children follow on the popular video channel and social networks. However, in this age of influencers, there are some who are much more important for our children’s future: their words, their knowledge and a classroom – these are the tools of […]

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