Agora Portals International School welcomes the new academic year

Mr Rafael Barea, Headmaster at Agora Portals, welcomes the school community to the new 2016-2017 academic year by reminding us of the objectives that were set and exceeded throughout last year’s courses, and setting new goals for the new academic year, including the introduction of tablets as a tool for learning and encouraging greater participation.


We’d like to welcome the 2016/2017 academic year! Agora Portals International School opens its doors to the new school year with objectives and challenges, lots of motivation and a desire to continue growing together with all of you. The headmaster, Rafael Barea, tells us about what’s new this year and the targets set in order to continue advancing along the path of educational excellence.

Rafael Barea takes stock of the 2015/2016 academic year, remembering the most important milestones and the objectives which were overcome and which contributed great experiences not only for the pupils but for the entire school community.

“Noteworthy events include the 4th edition of the Fun Run between the track in Magaluf and the school (7km), in which this year there were 1,200 participants, a real milestone in terms of participation in fun runs in the Balearic Islands. Equally noteworthy was the gala for the 5th Rafael Nada Music Competition, which was attended by practically the entire Nadal family. On a school level, I want to highlight the incredibly high level of all the music concerts performed by the pupils, the excellent performances of the Agora choir, and the plays in English performed by pupils from different year groups. In terms of sport, this was the year in which most successes were achieved in varied disciplines, from among which the two that stand out especially are the football league and the team championship titles in both the Balearic Islands and Mallorca achieved by the chess club. Equally, from the last academic year I would like to highlight all of the events which took place among the different schools in the NACE Group: International Music Week, the Olympic Games, NACEMUN, the Arts Competition, and the Academic Olympics. In terms of pupil celebrations, I would highlight Sports Day, the Carnival parade, the Halloween celebrations, the decoration of our classrooms for Christmas, the Easter egg decorating and the Easter Afternoon Tea Party, the ceremony to announce the winning House, the end-of-year Summer Ball, and many other events in which our pupils were the true protagonists and enjoyed belonging to Agora Portals International School.”

“From this past year, the extraordinary academic results achieved in the different external tests taken by our pupils are worth mentioning in particular: the PISA tests for 4th ESO pupils (results which were higher even than the average achieved by schools in Finland, and much higher than the average for Spain and the European Community); extraordinary results in the Selectividad university entrance exams, with a 100% pass rate and the 5th best average score of all the colleges and schools in the Balearic Islands; and a 100% pass rate in all the external language tests that our pupils took (First Certificate, Trinity College – no more and no less than 111 pupils – and the Youth Chinese Test). All these academic results confirm that the work being done by the school is yielding results, so our pupils leave our school prepared to be happy in a globalised world.

To continue advancing along the path of educational excellence, and to overcome more challenges in the 2016/2017 academic year, Agora Portals International School has set some objectives which headmaster Rafael Barea explains to us in detail:

“We want the pupils to be at the centre of their learning, so we will encourage their active participation in all classes, focusing more and more on co-operative learning in which the pupils work as a team and all participate, contributing their skills. We want each and every one of the pupils to achieve their maximum potential while they develop their social skills. The school develops and implements a plan for continuous improvement in order to continue advancing in educational excellence, which is much more than just obtaining good academic results, so activities such as theatre performances and school debates (participation in NACEMUN, in the European Youth Parliament, in The Country of Students, in the BBVA Debate League, etc.) are possibilities we offer our pupils in order for them to develop a whole set of skills which are fundamental in our current society. In addition, the cultural exchanges with different countries and the possibility to spend a term or half a term abroad not only enable improved fluency in the English language, they also contribute, in an important way, to educational excellence.”

For this new academic year, we’ll also find many new changes which the headmaster of Agora Portals highlights below.

“The inclusion of Tablets to improve learning for our 5-year-old Infant Education pupils, with the platform Infantium, which enables pupils to develop diverse multiple intelligences, as well as extending the individual use of Tablets to 1st and 2nd ESO, and extending the innovative learning methodologies based on projects and problem solving to all years of Primary and Secondary Education. It is also worth highlighting the amplification and development of the subject of Computer Science in all years of Primary Education and the first years of Secondary Education. Equally, as a new feature, it is worth highlighting the possibility to continue studying German or French in 4th ESO, as well as the total incorporation of German as a language offered in the International Baccalaureate.”

Finally, Rafeal Barea welcomes pupils who are beginning the 2016-2017 academic year with a motivational message so that they take advantage of all the opportunities offered in this new school year.

All the staff at the school will give the best of themselves so that our pupils are well, and happy at Agora Portals International School while they grow and develop. From here on I ask that they are aware of the magnificent opportunity they have in coming to this school, and that they therefore make the most of the time to educate themselves as people and to discover and develop, to the highest degree, their talents. We will be by their side to help them to achieve it.”

Rafael Barea

Headmaster of Agora Portals International School


08 / 09 / 16