Agora portals achieves higher marks than Finland, Japan and Korea in the annual PISA tests.


Two years after introducing the “Flipped Classroom” model into the curriculum, students at Agora Portals have obtained excellent results in the PISA tests, scoring higher results than Japan in Mathematics, Korea in Science and Finland in Reading.

The educational programme at Agora Portals has become a model for high quality international education. Two years ago, the school introduced a new teaching strategy whereby, rather than explaining concepts via instruction, teachers encourage and guide students to find their own learning pathways and solutions. This is known as the “Flipped classroom” method and encourages children to become independent learners and creative thinkers. Instead of facing the blackboard, students sit in groups of four and as the teacher asks questions, children work together to find the solutions. The method also employs new technology, whereby the children watch short videos at home in preparation for the following day’s lessons, ensuring that they can focus on really understanding the content and concepts of each class, rather than just having to absorb and memorise information.

This method has been successfully implemented by the school for the past two years and this year’s PISA test results have confirmed that the system is working well, with student achieving excellent results. The PISA tests are administered by the OECD and are offered to 15-year-old students from more than 70 countries; the tests provide an independent, international performance indicator for Mathematics, Science and Reading. This year our students achieved better results that the leading countries in the rankings including Japan, Korea and Finland.

Agora Portals students achieved a score of 540 points in Reading, which put them in first place in the overall ranking, gaining a higher score higher than the countries mentioned above and, significantly higher than the OECD average of 496 points and the Spanish average of 488 points. Our students also excelled in Mathematics with 544 points, second only to only Korea with 554. In Science our students obtained 544 points, putting them third in the ranking after Finland (545) and Japan (547). These results are outstanding in comparison to the average score for the Balearic isles (485 points).

This amazing success is due largely to the school’s innovative educational programme, carefully designed teaching methods, excellent teachers, and students who conform to a culture of hard work and maximum effort. Students learn cooperatively and collaboratively, actively seeking information and solving problems and in this way deepening their knowledge and understanding and discovering learning solutions for themselves. Classes are fun and motivating and our students are excited about their learning goals. Students develop critical thinking skills via a Problem-Based Learning system (finding answers instead of repeating information) and Challenge-Based Learning (using new technologies to solve problems). Teachers have found that these proactive learning methods are far more effective than the more old-fashioned rote learning systems.

These excellent results are a result of developing skills such as self-expression, effective research skills, curiosity and questioning and a new approach to learning. The school emphasises the importance of language, working towards every student becoming multilingual by the end of their time at school. We have a 100% pass rate in the Spanish University Entrance exams (Selectividad) and encourage our students to develop a wide range of additional skills including music, creative arts, sports and technological competence in order to provide each student with a broad and balanced education.

All of these factors combine to make Agora Portals a unique educational centre that offers an excellent academic education, personalised attention to the particular needs of every student, outstanding facilities and resources and experienced and professional teaching staff, all designed to enable all our students to achieve their full academic, professional and personal potential.


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12 / 12 / 16