Agora Portals begins a new school year, working hard to maintain its educational excellence

After the summer holidays, Agora Portals is enthusiastically beginning the 2017/2018 academic year! This year, the focus will be on educational innovation, and improving the pupils’ abilities on a practical level, for example, by introducing robotics and mindfulness in the classroom.

Another objective for this year is to boost the activities of debate and public speaking in Secondary Education, to improve the pupils’ practical and communication skills. After the success achieved last year in the tests the school participated in, we will also continue to place emphasis on participation in academic competitions, leagues, and Olympiads, which all contribute to improving the pupils’ abilities.

It will also be important to work to maintain, as a minimum, the same academic results as last year. Of these, Agora Portals headmaster Rafael Barea highlights the excellent academic results achieved in the International Baccalaureate: “the year in which most pupils followed this branch of studies, and in which the best marks were achieved”. He also highlights the results in external language tests, such as Trinity and the First Certificate for English, and the YCT for Chinese as well as, once again, the “extraordinary results in the PISA tests, in which we far surpassed the average in Spain”.

Similarly, the headmaster is satisfied with the consolidation of the sports project, “with a new and successful edition of the Agora Portals Fun Run, and especially, the great results achieved by our pupils in their respective sports, from sailing to football.”


The success of the 5th Agora Portals Fun Run, which each year attracts over a thousand participants, was rewarded a few months ago in the NACE Awards, in which the team of organisers achieved a prize for their work on this event. The race, which takes place each May, promotes and encourages sport and healthy living, and brings the school, sport, and Mallorcan society together.

The last academic year also saw the 1st Education and Business Forum take place, an event in which the school and renowned business people shared experience and knowledge about the world of work which pupils will be facing, in order to understand the needs of companies and what they expect from the pupils, and to prepare the students. It was “an enriching and innovative experience which normally takes place in university environments, while Agora Portals brought it in at Baccalaureate level”.

Without doubt, “one of the best parts of the entire academic year was the 5th NACE International Music Festival, which was a wonderful experience for the children. The school showed its hospitality, and all the staff came together to ensure that the event could go ahead”. For Rafael Barea, this was “the best event organised at the school since we began 9 years ago”, and as a headmaster, “it represents a before and an after in teamwork. It was an event of such significance that it required the help of all the school’s professionals and services, from teachers to kitchen staff. Every person gave the best of themselves, not as a group of individuals, but working as a team”.

15 / 09 / 17