Agora Portals celebrates its 10th Anniversary with a solidarity concert at the Convention Centre in Palma

Agora Portals I. School celebrated its 10th anniversary with the solidarity concert «Music and Solidarity» at the Convention Centre in Palma. Students of Primary and Secondary Education impressed us all with their exceptional musical talent, playing pieces such as «Jingle Bell Rock», «The Best of Queen» by Freddy Mercury or «Do, Re, Mi» from the film «The Sound of Music». More than 550 students participated as well as 35 teachers from the school.

The concert was a total success and the funds will go to the NGO ‘Mallorca Sense Fam’, which helps the most disadvantaged citizens on the island by carrying out campaigns of collection and distribution of food. Rafael Barea, Headmaster of Agora Portals, congratulated the whole school community for its daily effort and thanked all families for putting their trust in the school’s educational project.

We hope you enjoyed it and thank you all for your collaboration!


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14 / 01 / 19