Agora Portals' students visit the facilitites of Mallorca Sense Fam and deliver the collection from the 10th Anniversary Solidarity Concert

Agora Portals International School welcomed the team of the NGO ‘Mallorca Sense Fam’ to hand over the quantity of nearly 5.000 euros which were raised at the School’s 10th anniversary solidarity concert. With this donation, the NGO will be able to purchase food and staple products which are most needed.

Mallorca Sense Fam took the opportunity to explain in detail what they do to all the students of Primary Education. In addition, the students in 6th year were able to visit the facilities of the NGO. They observed how the food products were distributed from the solidarity supermarket which made them realise how important charity is to make our society a fairer place for all citizens.

Based on this visit, the students will carry out a class Project where they will work on the 17 Goals for the Sustainable Development set by the United Nations for 2030. The Project consists in creating a circular economy company where each group of students will propose an improvement related to issues such as hunger, climate change or gender equality.


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04 / 03 / 19