We closed the school year remembering the Children's Solidarity Gala that was held in Agora Portals for the benefit of Amics de la Infància

The Agora Portals school auditorium hosted a Children’s Solidarity Gala for the benefit of Amics de la Infància, organized by the Rotary Club Palma Almudaina, the Ivón Frontela Rico Piano School and Euromúsica Producciones. 15 performances that dazzled a full house with poetry, music and dance, in an event presented jointly by Marga Noguera and little Clara Vidal.

The performances began with the band Wind Ensemble Portals, which performed an instrumental review of the classic “New York, New York” by John Kander and Fred Ebb, popularized by Frank Sinatra. After this exhibition of wind instruments, the Ball Club de Esportiu de Felanitx interpreted, in pairs, «Samba» and «Pasodoble». Little Alicia Meaurio recited with great feeling the poem “I Had a Guitar” by Antonio García Tejeiro, followed by a duo of piano and ballet who performed “La comparsa” by Ernesto Lecuona.

The Agora Portals Choir, directed by Frederique Sizaret, performed five pieces that thrilled the audience before the Conchita Sansó Dance School delighted everyone with a version of “Gospel Time”. Afterwards, Jaume Prats played the piano “Nocturno op. 9 Nº2 »by Frederic Chopin. The performances of Florence Welch and Lara Camps, who sang accompanied on the piano by Iván Frontela, were also very applauded. And, also at the piano, Andreu Pizà and Enrique García de Miguel performed works by Debussy and Gershwin, respectively.

To put the finishing touch to more than an hour of solidarity show, the two pairs of the Ball Esportiu Club gave an encore performance of Cha cha cha and Jive. And, finally, the Conchita Sansó Dance School put a showy and elegant final point to a charity gala that was as exciting as it was fun and whose profit was donated to the NGO Amics de la Infància. Thank you all for supporting us one more year!


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28 / 06 / 19