On Onda Cero Rafael Barea explains in "la Brújula" program the complete security protocol developed by Agora Portals for the 20-21 academic year

Onda Cero has interviewed the headmaster of Agora Portals International School, Rafael Barea, in “la Brújula” program to find out how Agora Portals School faces its return to the classroom, fully complying with the security measures established by the health authorities.

In the interview, Rafael Barea explains in detail how the school has implemented measures beyond the legal ones, such as taking the temperature when entering the classrooms or carrying out a serological test on all the center’s staff. Likewise, it conveys that the incorporation of a professional nurse as the personnel responsible for the COVID-19 protocols in the educational center favors the tranquility of knowing that all health requirements will be met.

The Agora Portals School has opted for a face-to-face course beginning in all its stages, complying with the unique educational curriculum in the islands that characterizes it. By the middle of this week, all the students from the centre will finish incorporating, something for which all the school staff has been working with great enthusiasm.


Listen here to the podcast of the interview in Onda Cero’s “la Brújula” (in Spanish)

15 / 09 / 20