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100 best schools in Spain

Academic News

The prestigious FORBES magazine known for making the best world rankings has carried out for the second time a study of the 100 best schools in Spain, recognizing in this ranking Agora Portals International School as the only school in the Balearic Islands. Agora Portals International School shares this important ranking with two other schools […]

Interview with Rafael Barea

Academic News

In a recent interview for Fibwi, Rafael Barea, head of Agora Portals International School, explains the experience of digital transformation of the classes since the closing of schools on March 13 and the subsequent decree of the state of alarm. The school started online classes on the next labour day after the school closed and […]

The importance of education

Academic News

In a recent interview for the programme of Canal 4 «Avui Actualitat», the headmaster of Agora Portals International School explained the importance of offering our children a good education based on internationalization, music and emotional and personal development, among other main pillars. In the case of Agora Portals, the educational project is based on the […]

Acknowledgement by UNICEF

Academic News

Agora Portals International School has been acknowledged by UNICEF as a benchmark in Children’s Rights and Global Citizenship (Initial Level) for the academic years 2018/19 and 2019/2020. With this distinction, UNICEF wishes to acknowledge the work carried out by the schools committed to this cause and identify them as a reference in the implementation of […]

PISA Tests 2018

Academic News

Students from Agora Portals International School who entered the annual PISA tests this year again achieved excellent results that were significantly higher than the average marks for students throughout the rest of Spain and other OECD countries. The school belongs to the Association of Private and Independent Schools (CICAE), and performed very well at both […]

“Diversity, an inclusion challenge”

Academic News

Agora Portals International School welcomes children of 3 and 4 years old from the Pinyol Vermell Centre for Special Education for children with cerebral palsy. This provides an inclusive and enriching educational and social experience in which all the pupils at the school can become involved.   Learn more | Última Hora

Music education

Academic Music

Music is a universal language which all human beings possess and understand without needing to study it. We use it to express ourselves and communicate, and it can cause us to feel a range of emotions and feelings. At NACE Schools (Agora International Schools, St George’s and Areteia in Spain, EIB Paris in France, and Stonar in the United Kingdom), […]

PISA tests: better results than Japan

Academic News

In the annual PISA tests for this year Agora Portals International School obtained an average of 593 points, significantly above the Spanish average and higher than Japan which scored an average of 529 points. Our students achieved particularly notable results in the Reading category. Learn more | Diario de Mallorca

PISA tests: better results than Finland

Academic News

  Two years after introducing the “Flipped Classroom” model into the curriculum, students at Agora Portals have obtained excellent results in the PISA tests, scoring higher results than Japan in Mathematics, Korea in Science and Finland in Reading. The educational programme at Agora Portals has become a model for high quality international education. Two years […]

FCE results 2016

Academic Languages

Agora Portals obtained excellent results in the official First Certificate in English (FCE) examinations. Of the 28 candidates that entered the examinations, the pass rate for our students was 100%, in comparison to the Spanish average for 2015 of 70.2%. Learn more | Cambridge English

PISA Tests and Selectividad

Academic News

Students from Agora Portals International School achieved results in the PISA tests that were significantly higher than the average for Spanish and OECD schools. In the Selectividad (Spanish University Entrance exams), Agora Portals obtained one of the best average scores in the Balearic Islands, scoring particularly highly in the language tests. Learn more | Diario […]

Study on Holidays


The summer arrives, schedules change and as a result, studying during the holidays can be difficult. Experts estimate that our mathematics level decreases by an average of 2.6 months and our reading ability by 2 months. To avoid this, it is important that children rest and disconnect but at the same time, remain mentally active. […]

PISA tests 2016


In this year’s PISA tests students at Agora Portals scored higher than the Spanish average and better than countries such as Japan, Finland and Korea; in all three categories, Reading, Science and Mathematics, our score did not fall below 540 points. We are proud to inform you that our students achieved excellent results in the […]

Violin Master Class

Academic Music

The Agora Portals International School offers individual violin lessons for beginners and professional level students, reinforcing our focus on providing a high-quality musical education. Classes take place both on the school premises and at the school’s Auditorium in Portals Nous. More information

Flipped Classroom


What is the Flipped Classroom? Many of you will be wondering just what the “Flipped Classroom”, also known as the “inverted or backwards classroom”, is. It’s a pedagogical model which reverses the traditional classroom. In this technique, pupils learn online at home using material provided by their teacher, and then consolidate these concepts in the […]

Success of tablets in the classroom

Academic News

Agora Portals International School continues to develop the use of new technologies as a resource for teaching and learning in the classroom. Currently 150 students in Years 5 and 6 use technological devices in the classroom. More advanced and extensive use of tablets in the classroom will be introduced over the coming years. Learn more […]

Educational Innovation and Technology

Academic News

Agora Portals International School introduces its “flipped classroom” model for learning whereby students are encouraged to continue learning via video links and tablets outside the classroom, to allow more class time for collaborative work and personalised education. Learn more | Diari de l’Escola

Interview with Gustavo Martín

Academic Communication

Gustavo Martín, Social Sciences teacher at Agora Portals International School since 2011. He studied a Degree in History at the University of les Illes Balears and earned a grant to study for a year at the University of Salamanca. Married for two years, he is the proud and happy father to a little girl who […]

YCT awards 2015

Academic Languages News

A total of 42 students from Agora Portals International School sat the Youth Chinese Tests this year (YCT). 90% of these students from Y3 in Primary to Y8 in Secondary passed the exams. Students at the school are able to study for these tests for two sessions a week. Learn more | Última Hora

Advice and Guidance Programme


Last year Agora Portals International School launched the “Agora Careers Advice and Guidance Programme”. The aim of this programme is to help Baccalaureate students in the decision-making process regarding their future careers, carrying out tests and other procedures required for access to university. The project also includes advice to students in 4th of ESO in […]

Dignity, Effort and Respect

Academic News

Education at the Agora Portals school is committed to an international approach. Classes are taught mainly in English and students also learn an additional foreign language. The school is also known for technological innovation and the promotion of cultural and sporting activities. Learn more | Última Hora

Agora Portals – Innovation in Education

Academic News

Agora Portals International School is at the forefront of innovation in education and is constantly implementing new technologies as an aid to teaching and learning. Appropriate and well-managed use of these technologies has contributed to steady increases in student performance and the school’s academic success. Howard Gardner’s multiple intelligences theories and Spencer Kagan’s cooperative learning […]

International Baccalaureate


In a global education, it is vital to have a qualification which incorporates and transmits values on an international level. With the International Baccalaureate (IB), this is definitely the case. The majority of our schools, known as IB World Schools, are authorised to teach this qualification. In this way, we promote the international education that […]

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