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Concert 10th Anniversary

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Agora Portals I. School celebrated its 10th anniversary with the solidarity concert «Music and Solidarity» at the Convention Centre in Palma. Students of Primary and Secondary Education impressed us all with their exceptional musical talent, playing pieces such as «Jingle Bell Rock», «The Best of Queen» by Freddy Mercury or «Do, Re, Mi» from the […]

Summer Camp 2018

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Applications are now open for Agora Portals International Summer School 2018. Our summer camps offer a full and exciting activity programme for the summer holidays including, adventure, languages ​​and sports (swimming, judo, basketball, rhythmic gymnastics, football and chess). Agora Portals Summer School provides an excellent opportunity for children to learn whilst having lots of fun, […]

Children’s Solidarity Gala event

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The theatre at Agora Portals International School was again the venue for an extremely successful and enjoyable evening of music and dance in support of “Amics de la Infància”. The event was attended by the school’s headmaster, Mr Rafael Barea. One of the highlights of the evening was the performance from the Agora Portals Orchestra, […]

Music education

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Music is a universal language which all human beings possess and understand without needing to study it. We use it to express ourselves and communicate, and it can cause us to feel a range of emotions and feelings. At NACE Schools (Agora International Schools, St George’s and Areteia in Spain, EIB Paris in France, and Stonar in the United Kingdom), […]

V NACE International Music Festival

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More than 300 students from NACE Schools in Spain, France and the United Kingdom joined together to participate in NACE’s V International Music Festival. Students performed a wide selection of pieces in a range of musical disciplines, with different instrumental and vocal combinations. The audience was delighted with the standard of performance and the students […]

Children’s Charity Gala 2017

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Agora Portals hosted a very successful charity event for the NGO Amics de la Infància. The event was very well attended and guests enjoyed a wonderful evening of poetry, dance and music. Agora Portals’ headmaster, Mr Rafael Barea was also present. Learn more | Última Hora

The Agora Portals Choir, beyond music education

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At Agora Portals International School, music is part of our pupils’ comprehensive education. Through music education, the students can more easily develop valuable abilities such as effort, self-improvement, sensitivity, organisation, teamwork, etc. Given its importance, the school is also a conservatoire, an Integrated Music Centre, authorised to teach the Elementary and Professional Diplomas in Music. […]

V Rafael Nadal Music Competition

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This year’s Rafael Nadal Music Contest was held at the Agora Portals school auditorium and, along with a range of excellent performances, the school’s Choir and Orchestra participated fully in the event. A tribute was paid to Rafael Nadal, after whom the competition is named, who died recently. Learn more | Brisas

Violin Master Class

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The Agora Portals International School offers individual violin lessons for beginners and professional level students, reinforcing our focus on providing a high-quality musical education. Classes take place both on the school premises and at the school’s Auditorium in Portals Nous. More information

Agora Portals Charity Gala

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This year Agora Portals’s school auditorium again hosted the Children’s Solidarity Gala 2016. The event was organised by the Ivón Frontela Rico Piano School and the Rotary Club Palma Almudaina in order to raise funds for two children’s’ charities, Mallorca sense Fam and the Natzaret Foundation. Over 100 children participated in the evening event performing […]

Vth Christmas Market

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Members of the Agora Portals International School choir sang a Christmas-themed recital at the opening of the Vth Christmas Market in Puerto Portals. Learn more | Última Hora

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