The relationship between teacher and pupil is key to inspiring successful learning, and a positive and productive teacher-pupil relationship brings out the best in each student, enabling them to fulfil their academic and personal potential. At Agora Portals International School, our teachers provide each pupil with the individual attention that they need to make the most of their academic abilities and aptitudes.

Most subjects at Agora Portals International School are taught in English and helping our students to become bilingual is very high on our educational agenda. Most classes are delivered entirely in English and students are continually encouraged to communicate with each other in English, even during recreational time. In order to reinforce and deepen student exposure to the English language, we employ native English or bilingual teachers or teachers who have spent long periods of time in English-speaking countries.

Top Teachers

At Globeducate we believe that our teachers, as well as our pupils, should be actively and continuously learning, and so all our teachers participate in workshops and regular training sessions designed to enhance their knowledge and skills in areas such as Emotional Intelligence, New Technologies or Assertive Discipline. For example, all the teachers at Agora Portals International School recently participated in a workshop entitled “Classroom Impact”, which aimed to provide teachers with the skills and resources necessary to increase their impact on student learning.

Globeducate Group has implemented an additional initiative to facilitate the ongoing process of teacher training and professional development, entitled “Learning Coaches”. This is a professional coaching and mentoring scheme involving a number of teachers from Globeducate who have been trained to support and provide feedback to their colleagues in order to assist them with their professional development. All our teachers’ progress is monitored and optimised via a quality control system entitled the Globeducate Platinum Standard; this is a systematic process of development, evaluation, support and improvement implemented at every school belonging to the Globeducate Group.

On-going Training

As with all Globeducate, Agora Portals International School organises regular training sessions for all our teachers. Throughout the course of the last year our teachers participated in a workshop entitled “Impact on Learning” in which strategies that, according to scientific studies from around the world, have a significant impact on student learning were discussed, including “The Role of Questions, Motivation and Challenge” in the classroom, “Systematic Monitoring of Student Progress” and “The Importance of Feedback”. These courses were very successful and our teachers are already putting into practice what they have learned.


Educational Coaching

In 2017, as part of Globeducate’ commitment to educational excellence, the Educational Coaching initiative was launched at all of the group’s schools. Teachers from different Globeducate schools have been trained as Educational Coaches with the aim of helping their peers to achieve excellence in the classroom and to continue with their professional development. Our teaching staff are dedicated and highly-trained professionals, and initiatives such as the Educational Coaching scheme ensures that they remain at the top of their game, constantly improving their knowledge, skills and techniques and ensuring that every member of our community gets the opportunity to keep on learning.


Improvement strategies: Globeducate Platinum Standard

In order to ensure continual and on-going improvement, Globeducate has implemented a quality control framework for all the schools that form part of the group entitled The Globeducate Platinum Standard. The purpose of this scheme is to facilitate a process of continual improvement in the performance of each school and to ensure Educational Excellence. The NACE Platinum Standard helps schools to assess and evaluate the quality of the education that they offer and to ensure that their educational strategy and practice is in line with the best educational systems world-wide. The Globeducate Platinum Standard is a structured and comprehensive programme that provides a set of quality indicators by which current practice can be evaluated, and improvement plans in areas such as Effective Leadership, Quality of Teaching and Learning, and Student Progress and Welfare can be established.

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“Over these eight years, Agora Portals School has given me much hope, enthusiasm to continue learning, and a great many positive experiences. I have learnt from my colleagues and from the pupils as well as the parents. I am now retired. It’s a great pleasure for me to still be in contact with all those who form this magnificent project.“

Margalida Roca

Retired Teacher

“Agora Portals is much more than Spanish, Science and Maths. It is what the name implies: doors to open and worlds to explore. The opportunities to develop their interests and discover new worlds are limitless, and thanks to this, every child feels valued and appreciated. Apart from school life itself, pupils also organise and participate in charity campaigns to prepare them to be useful members of the community when they’re older. As a teacher, I feel that every day is an opportunity to explore fantastic new worlds together with my pupils. Projects and co-operative learning give them a central role and the classroom becomes a true agora in which every voice counts.”

Eva Fitz

Science Teacher

“Throughout all these academic years I have discovered the reach of our Educational Project, how far it really goes. Agora Portals is much more than a school, it is its own style: singular, unique, different. I’ve had the opportunity to talk to pupils I taught in my first few years at the school, who are now in the upper years of secondary education, and it’s amazing to see the profound changes they have undergone.”

Antonio Hernández

6th Primary Tutor

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