Music and Expressive Arts

Official Music Academy

Elementary and Professional diplomas

14 different instruments

Individual and group lessons

35 specialist teachers

10 years’ experience as an integrated Music Academy

Performing together

Opportunities to perform in concerts and musical events

Music and Expressive Arts form an integral part of a child’s development and provide enormous cognitive and personal benefits, enhancing communication skills and building confidence and self-esteem. A broad musical education encourages our pupils to develop intrinsic skills such as the ability to work hard, concentrate, to be self-disciplined and to understand that improvement and excellence comes with practice, hard work and teamwork. At Agora Portals, the arts and music play a central role in the school’s curriculum, complemented by our specialist Music Academy.

Our Music curriculum is designed to offer our students an active and engaging musical experience. Early Years pupils first experience music in a stimulating and sensory way, and we continue to extend and develop our students’ relationship with music throughout their Primary years. Students get the opportunity to study a musical instrument and are exposed to music in some form or other almost every day.

The school incorporates an official Music Academy enabling students to obtain the Elementary Music Certificate, and should they choose to further their musical studies, pupils can go on to complete their Professional Music qualifications. Pupils at Agora Portals International School work to achieve their Elementary Grade music examinations by the end of Primary School, although, in order to achieve this, the official requirements dictate that they must have studied music at the school from 3 to 8 years old. All students obtain the Elementary Music Certificate by the end of their Primary Education stage and those pupils who wish to pursue their musical studies to a higher level during Secondary school or at Pre-University level can work towards obtaining the Professional Grade music qualifications.

We believe that creative and performing arts are fundamental to providing a broad and balanced education, enhancing intellectual capacity, encouraging children to think independently and helping them to explore their creativity, imagination, artistic sensibility and emotions. The school offers comprehensive programmes in the artistic, expressive and visual arts, including music, painting and drawing, helping our students to create, explore and innovate.

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