Classrooms and Laboratories

The classrooms and laboratories at Agora Portals International School are bright, modern and spacious and fully compliant with current legislation. They are well-equipped and resourced and provide everything required for each educational stage and for every area of the curriculum.  As our pupils spend a significant part of every day in the school buildings, we believe that everything should be done to create a well-designed, positive and stimulating learning environment.


All our classrooms and laboratories are bright, modern and spacious and provide the resources and equipment necessary for an innovative 21st century education.  Our youngest pupils require large, bright spaces for optimal development, so at Agora Portals Preschool children are taught in large, open, airy classrooms with specially designated rooms set aside for Art, Study and Play. The school also has specific classrooms for Psychomotor development, Computing and Music, all fully equipped for every stage of your child’s educational journey.



At Agora Portals International School, we believe that practical lessons form an essential part of a proactive learning process and provide an opportunity for students to put their theoretical knowledge into practice. The school has three laboratories; Biology, Physics and Chemistry, enabling students to experiment with and explore the theoretical knowledge gained in class. The laboratories provide a practical learning environment and are especially important for our International Baccalaureate students, who use them extensively.



The library at Agora Portals is one of the most important spaces on our campus and the focal point for pupils who are seeking information, improving their research techniques or requiring a quiet corner for study and reflection. The library is extremely well-stocked with books written in the different languages used at the school and there is access to computers and an internet connection. The library also offers a book and magazine lending service, an ample stock of newspapers and current affairs literature, infant and preschool literature and a multitude of other texts. The library is open from 8:00 a.m. to 6:30 p.m.


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