Primary Education

Education at the Primary stage becomes more academically focused than that the Preschool phase, and we start to introduce different curriculum subjects and to learn about their content and objectives. As at all stages of education at Agora Portals International School, the values and ethics essential to the formation of interested, active and motivated young people form an integral part of our daily work. At Agora Portals International School, we use a Multi-sensory approach adapted to accommodate the different learning processes; these methods are particularly effective with children who may be experiencing some difficulties in fulfilling their academic or personal potential.

Our methodology is based on:

  • Language
  • Music
  • Art
  • Sport

During the first year of Primary children begin to follow the Integrated Music Academy Programme to work towards attaining their Elementary Grade Music qualification; the classes involve lessons in music theory, individual instrumental classes, participation in the orchestra, band and choir and preparation for the Elementary examinations. During the week children have lessons in Art, Physical Education, International Sports, Swimming, Computer Science, Science, Mental Arithmetic and the remining subjects that comprise the curriculum at this stage.

Primary pupils are in an exciting phase of personal growth and self-discovery; they begin to learn new skills, develop greater powers of self-expression and comprehension, improve their skill levels in reading, writing and maths and expand and develop their talents in art, music and creative disciplines. Children also begin to learn more about social interaction, establish better work and study habits, and start to make conscious decisions about the sort of person that they want to be and the values that they will adopt for the future; children begin to lay the foundations for the adults that they will grow into.

Communication with families is constantly maintained and includes contact with tutors, diary entries, academic reports, telephone calls, emails or communication via CAV, our digital platform. We believe that a positive and proactive relationship between home and school helps to ensure the smooth and successful progress of our primary pupils.


“Throughout all these academic years I have discovered the reach of our Educational Project, how far it really goes. Agora Portals is much more than a school, it is its own style: singular, unique, different. I’ve had the opportunity to talk to pupils I taught in my first few years at the school, who are now in the upper years of secondary education, and it’s amazing to see the profound changes they have undergone.”

Antonio Hernández

6th Primary Tutor

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