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Agora Portals International School offers a range of summer camp opportunities in Majorca for Agora Portals International School pupils and for students from other schools, including English, sports, arts and crafts, gardening activities… Check out our brochure to find out more about activities, ages, and schedules and choose the perfect Summer Camp for your child.

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Agora Portals International School offers a wide variety of summer camps for students from the school and other centres, following a rigorous health protocol in accordance with current regulations.

English Summer Camp

A refreshing way to improve your English skills through swimming, games, arts and crafts and much more! All in a fun and safe environment. For children between 3 and 12 years old.



A Basketball camp for students between 6 and 17 years old in the magnificent facilities of Agora Portals International School and with the guarantee of our experience in the world of professional sports and sports training.


Vicente Del Bosque football Camp

After 8 editions, the Vicente del Bosque Football Camp Mallorca has become a concept of education and physical activity promoting sports and values. The campus has a 25% discount for Agora Portals students and is taught by a certified and highly qualified team under the supervision of the National Team Leader and World Champion Mr. Vicente del Bosque.

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