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Agora Portals International School forms part of the prestigious international education group Globeducate, who own and manage 55 schools located in Spain, France, the UK, Italy, Andorra, India, Portugal, Canada and Malaysia. Our goal is to provide our pupils with a broad and balanced, all-round education and to inspire a lifelong passion for learning. We offer a comprehensive, innovative and international education for children aged from 0 to 18 years old. The school’s site and facilities are carefully designed to promote a positive and stimulating working environment and we aim to provide an excellent academic education built upon strong ethical foundations.  

Our Philosophy

Along with all the schools belonging to the Globeducate Group, our educational philosophy is built upon four core principles; Educational Excellence, Global Readiness, Co-curricular Excellence and an Education in Values.

We prepare our pupils to live successfully in a globalised world:Potenciamos el desarrollo intelectual y emocional

  • Developing academic and personal potential
  • Attending to the individual needs of every student
  • Helping students to identify and pursue their dreams and ambitions
  • Encouraging our pupils to become a positive and unifying presence in the world

Our teaching strategies

At Agora Portals International School, we believe that a well-balanced education involves a comprehensive and forward-thinking approach. Our students are provided with the skills, training and confidence necessary to prepare them to take their places within the global community and to respond successfully to the personal and professional challenges that they will face as they leave school and embrace the future.

Our educational programmes have been carefully designed to ensure that your children receive the highest quality education in every area of the curriculum. Subjects such as Music, Art and Sport form an integral part of the curriculum and, in our view, are essential to the formation of well-rounded, well-educated young people.

Our academic success is due in part to the teaching and learning strategies adopted at our school. We encourage independent learning and critical thinking, self-discipline and the motivation to work hard both individually and a part of a team.  Values such as, dignity, respect and perseverance are reinforced on a daily basis and underpin teaching and learning in all areas of the curriculum.

We respect and value the individuality of each of our students but work within a framework of one school community with a common set of core principles and values. We aim to foster the academic, social and personal potential of each individual student within an environment of compassion, acceptance and respect for others.

Letter from the Headmaster

I strongly believe that as professional educators our responsibility to our students involves, not only achieving the highest academic standards, but also instilling values such as hard-work, commitment and tolerance, in order to educate well-rounded, compassionate young people, ready to take their places in the world.

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Our School History

Agora Portals International School was founded in 2008 with the intention of providing a high-quality, innovative education designed to bring out the very best in every student under our care.

Our History

Our School Community

Students, teachers, non-teaching staff and families all form an integral part of the educational programme at Agora Portals International School and we all work together to achieve a common goal; enabling each individual under our care to fulfil their maximum academic and personal potential.

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Globeducate Group

Agora Portals International School has been a part of the Globeducate Group since its foundation in 2008. Globeducate is one of the five most important education providers in the world, owning and running 55 schools in 9 different countries. Our student body currently comprises more than 28,000 students, not to mention the thousands of former Globeducate alumni successfully living and working all over the globe.

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Our Blog provides constant updates on school news, activities, projects, media presence and much more. APIS’s Blog provides a virtual meeting place for students, friends and families, keeping the whole school community informed.

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