The home-school relationship is an extremely important part of life at Agora Portals. To ensure each student’s optimal progress, families, the pupils themselves and their teachers are all fully involved in monitoring progress and in making the decisions that will affect each pupil’s future. We encourage open communication and take into consideration each family’s individual circumstances. Clear, positive and on-going home-school communication is an important factor in pupil progress and for this reason we aim to ensure that that families are provided with detailed information about the school’s teaching and learning methodologies, as well as any decisions that could affect students’ personal and academic process.

In addition to information relating to teaching strategies and pupil progress, Agora Portals International School runs a programme called “Family School”, where talks are organised for parents on subjects such as online bullying, alcohol and drugs and internet safety. These talks are delivered by experts in each field and form part of the school’s commitment to providing an integrated education. Parents are also invited to participate in various events organised by the school, including our annual 7 km fun run!

At Agora Portals we want to make life as easy as possible for our families and to help make the work-school-home balance stress free. For this reason, we offer an extended hours service, where children can be dropped off at school before the start of the main school day and collected later on, adapting the times that pupils start and finish school to suit each family’s circumstances.

Extended hours services for before and after the main school day are as follows:

  • Before school extended hours 07:50 to 08:40 hours
  • After school extended hours 17:00 to 18:30 hours

A school bus service is also available from various points around the island, allowing parents to synchronise their work schedules with getting their children to school on time.

We currently run the following four bus routes:

  • Route 1 from Andratx
  • Route 2 from Palma (Corte Inglés Avenidas)
  • Route 3 from Son Verí
  • Route 4 from Marratxí (Festival Park)

We believe that involving parents throughout every stage of a child’s education is the best way to ensure a positive and successful educational experience.


“I was looking for a trilingual school with a good academic level where respect, diversity, effort and self-improvement were its pillars, believing that the other aspects of education should complement them through external activities, and I was surprised to learn that all the areas of a multidisciplinary education were taught at one school: mental arithmetic, chess, music, different sporting disciplines and national and international exchanges.”

Sònia Marzo

Mother of pupil

“Our son Javi has a developmental delay. We have only words of gratitude for the Psychopedagogy team at Agora Portals. The speed and professionalism of all its members has helped our son to develop well, surprising us all with his progress and making us so happy day after day. Thank you so much, he wouldn’t have been the same without you.”

Esteban Cantarellas Family

“Our daughter was first diagnosed as being on the autistic spectrum shortly before arriving at Agora in 2009 when she was 5 years old. Since then she has received personal attention and instruction from several specialist teachers from the DO who have worked with her in the multi-sensory DO classroom using both English and Spanish. The work of the DO has enabled Belén to progress personally and intellectually; we feel she is appreciated and valued in the Agora community and we continue to be immensely grateful for this.”

Thompson Family

Aviso Legal