Our pupils are at the heart of everything that we do. As educators we are focused on helping them to fulfil their maximum potential and on helping them find their own pathway to academic and personal success.

At Agora Portals International School students get the opportunity to immerse themselves in a variety of activities that contribute to their overall development as individuals and human beings. We encourage our students to embrace and explore a wide range of interests and we provide the means by which they can extend and deepen their knowledge and understanding of the subjects which are important to them. Our aim is to ensure that our pupils acquire the skills, qualifications and attributes necessary to be able to follow their dreams and fulfil their personal and professional ambitions.

At Agora Portals International School, we take the following factors into account:

  • The individual needs and attributes of each student, adapting the curriculum to suit the pace at which they learn. If pupils experience difficulties with the learning process, we provide the necessary support programmes. Our aim is to find ways to motivate and enthuse every student so that learning becomes something that they want to do, rather than something that they have to do.
  • We offer an extensive range of extracurricular activities
  • Teach language, music, the arts and sports as an integrated part of our curriculum in order to enable all pupils to identify and develop their particular strengths and to discover alternative ways in which to express themselves.
  • Help our students to see the importance of learning other languages and promoting the endless possibilities of an international future. Developing an awareness of other cultures, incorporating values such as respect, tolerance and nurturing an open and enthusiastic approach to life.
  • Developing a creative approach and encouraging the ability to “think outside the box”. We help students to become independent learners, capable of critical and analytical thought.
  • Developing a sense of personal and social responsibility and commitment.


“As a NACE student at Agora Portals, I feel proud to belong to such an international community. The staff team is always there for us; a group of kind and active professionals who noticeably worry about our welfare and academic performance. I feel that, in my time at Agora Portals, I’ve grown not only in my learning abilities, but also as a human being. To me, the opportunities such a complete education brings about are endless. I believe that studying at this school has granted me amazing possibilities for my future.”

Luis Gómez


“At Agora Portals pupils are not just names on a list, we all see that the teachers care about every one of us. Many of my classmates have different abilities or are involved in professional sports or music, and despite this, classes and exams are adapted to fit their needs without this being a problem, which shows that they want to get the very best out of us. The best thing about Agora Portals is how they motivate all pupils in every way.”

Macarena Vives


“One of the great benefits of this school is the international student population. Not only do you hear around five different languages every day in class, but you are also enriched culturally. It’s like visiting the globe without stepping outside my classroom! However, what makes this school special is the close-knit environment. You can easily get to know all the people in your year and the year below. Everyone is very open and friendly, and events such as “Sports Day”, the “Summer Ball” or “The Houses” help unite the school as one big family.”

Meritxell Collet


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