Exchanges and Stays


At Agora Portals International School, students are encouraged to improve their language skills via many different approaches, one of these being participation in exchanges with pupils from schools in other countries. Students spend a period of time at the home of a student in a different country, thereby getting the opportunity to practise their language skills independently and to immerse themselves in another culture. In this way our pupils become more open to other cultures and nationalities, developing a positive and open approach and the skills that they will need for a successful professional future.

We arrange exchanges with other schools such as EIB Monceau Paris in France, another school belonging to the Globeducate Group, or with Europaschule Troisdorf and Phorms Campus Berlin Süd in Germany. These exchanges help our students to become more responsible and independent, encouraging them to make better decisions and helping them to practise their language skills and embrace new cultures.

Study Trips Abroad

Agora Portals is currently able to offer our students the unique and immeasurably valuable opportunity of studying in the UK for a term, two terms or for a full academic year at the highly-regarded British private school, Stonar. Stonar School has been an educational institution for over 120 years and is situated on a beautiful, 32-hectare, private estate in Wiltshire in the southwest of England. The school has outstanding sporting, academic, recreational and boarding facilities and students from all over the world live and study together experiencing full immersion in English, supported by caring and experienced staff.



“I was looking for a trilingual school with a good academic level where respect, diversity, effort and self-improvement were its pillars, believing that the other aspects of education should complement them through external activities, and I was surprised to learn that all the areas of a multidisciplinary education were taught at one school: mental arithmetic, chess, music, different sporting disciplines and national and international exchanges.”

Sònia Marzo

Mother of pupil

Aviso Legal